Monday, May 9, 2011

Before We Know It

Before we know it,
we're going to be graduated.
I seriously cannot believe that us Juniors only have ONE YEAR LEFT.
Crazy right?
I think so.
This is our last summer in high school,
the last summer before all of us can do stupid stuff without getting arrested!
(Not that we do stupid things anyways...)

Before we know it,
we'll be applying for colleges in the late fall,
sending our boys on missions,
going to college,
living on our own,
getting our heart broken once or twice,
and then falling in love with our eternal companion,
having kids and a family of our own,
and facing new challenges that make us wish we were back in high school.

Wow... guys... we're almost seniors.
Next year is going to be the best.
At least for me.
I've got Tech
and Student Council,
and photography classes so that I'm actually gonna know what I'm doing!
(Exciting, isn't it?)
I'm gonna have the party of my life next year.
It's gonna be friggin' sweet.
What are you gonna do to make it the best year ever?
What are you gonna do to make this the best SUMMER ever?
Really, it's time to be living the life,
because frankly...
right now is good.
Right now is the time that you will wish in your future, that you had made better.
So why not make it the best?

In one year, we'll be getting ready to graduate.
We'll have already decided which colleges to go to,
and possibly what we even want to do with our lives.
I guess we'll have to see where life puts us on June 5, 2012.
Weird to think about isn't it?
Either way,
life is good,
and I plan on keeping it that way.

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