Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crawling Over the Finish Line

In English, my teacher Mrs. Crampton, has been getting mad at us because very few of us have done anything lately. (ahem... like the take-home quiz that we had a week to do and only 10/32 kids turned it in... I wasn't one of them...)

We're tired,
and done.
I'm sure I can speak for every single one of us when I say,
Summer could NOT come fast enough.
We're ready to be kids again.
Screw growing up.
I just wanna play every day!
We're doomed if that's what we want out of life.
Ah, well.

So anyways,
she tells us that we need to run across the finish line.
Well, I just tripped and fell and didn't end up getting up for a minute.
I've got a ton to do and text books are getting turned in tomorrow...
Like... the ones that I need.
Ha, so I'd better go and make the best of them while I still have them.

Oh, and I have my last choir concert tonight.
So you should come.
It's most likely the last choir concert I'll ever be in.
Sounds exciting doesn't it?
Not really.
I'm upset,
but it'll be alright.
Next year holds great things for me.
I am quite excited.
Gotta get going.
Life is good.
Life will be better once summer comes though. :)

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