Friday, May 6, 2011

None of This and None of That

Well, here it goes... 
not being able to go to the sand dunes...
it's a drag.
So I get to stay home in the adventurous Orem, Utah this weekend.
No major sunburn,
no lines where my camera strap would normally be around my neck,
no sand in abnormal places,
no smelling funny at the end of the weekend,
no campfires,
no being around some of the people that I love to be around,
no four-wheelers,
no chance to create more memories.

Rather than all of that,
I get to work this weekend.
It's a good thing too.
I prayed that I would have enough money for all the things I needed to purchase and pay for by the end of the year,
such as 
and a jersey for next year's student council shin-dig.
Well, in order for prayers to be answered,
there's gotta be some sacrifice sometimes, right?
I just want summer to be here so that I can make lots of money and save up in order to do what I please.
And save up for the things that I desire most.
And be a faithful tithe payer 
(which I am already, but I always look forward to being able to pay more tithing... is that weird?)
And I want summer to be here so that I don't have to worry about missing school. 
I love my job.
This summer's gonna be epic.
And I'll probably be tired of it by then,
but I'll still love it forever.

life is good.
And today at lunch was hilarious.
Thanks for that.
I haven't laughed that hard for a long time.
It was extraordinary.
Kudos to Kaden :)

Super excited for Morp...
just throwing that out there as well.

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  1. I would be super excited if we could just hang out . . . you know, like before you were busy! :)

    You coming to YW!? Camp prep. . .