Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Stupid Mouth

Somtimes I feel as though I say too much,
especially without thinking.
Especially during certain hour long phone conversations,
(you know exactly who you are),
Ha, I embarrass myself completely and just wonder why I even bother talking at all sometimes.
But then I realize that it doesn't matter
and that this certain person isn't going to judge me by the little stupid things that I say.
At least let's hope?
Haha, that's my optimism for you.
But when I'm feeling more pessimistic,
I listen to this song,
and I laugh,
because it relates to me perfectly.
It's awesome.
I love John Mayer.

And now I've got a date to impress on Saturday.
We'll just have to see,
now won't we?
Shouldn't be too difficult...
but after how long he went off on how much he loved Prom last weekend...
gotta make this a date memorable for the both of us.
I think I just got an idea... :)
No time for it on Saturday,
but it'll be put in my
"Ideas for Dates in the Future".
life is good.
And I decided to go to church,
even though I feel like poop.
Stupid head cold.

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