Monday, April 18, 2011


I did it.
(I deactivated my Facebook account.)
You don't believe me?
Go check for yourself.
My profile ain't there.
Sad day isn't it?
Yep, pretty much.
I figured it would be really good for me.
My parents think it's the dumbest thing ever.
And yet...
I'm hoping it'll help save time in my day,
keep me from staying up too late for pointless reasons,
and get rid of my procrastination problem.
it's a problem.
There are about 30 days left of school.
Hm... that's about, 45 days including weekends.
(drum roll please)
It's summer.
The sweet smell of relief is just around the corner.
Working full time during the summer and living the life.
That's what spring break was like;
a fresh taste of what summer shall taste like.
Except twice as much work and twice as much play.
It's gonna be sweet.
So then,
and only then,
will I reactivate my Facebook account.
For summer.
I'll let you know how it goes.
And if you see me on Facebook anytime soon,
you'll know that I caved in.
But I won't.
I'm gonna stay strong and keep it deactivated,
unless it's an emergency.
Like a REAL emergency.
Anyways, I'll be keeping you all updated here,
so invite your friends to read the blog.
I've added a poll on the right hand side of the page.
Do you think that I can make it to summer?
Let's say... graduation?
I like that idea.
That's June 2nd.
I'm up for the challenge.
Be sure to cast your vote and invite your friends to do the same.
Then leave a comment of why you think I can or can't do it.
But quite frankly,
even without Facebook...
Life is Good.

PS If you can't see what it says on the poll, the top choice is "yes" and the bottom choice is "no". It's being really dumb, and it's SUPPOSED to be white, but it's the same color as the background. I've tried fixing it, but it won't work. Anyways, I want as many votes as I can get! :)

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