Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Feel Like Rambling...

I'm in one of those moods... I feel like rambling... and this will also count as my journal entry today... cause... yeah. Here goes nothing!

I've been cleaning house all day.
It was nice to finally get in the shower.
Spring cleaning is INTENSE at my house.
(Because it doesn't happen all that often.)
Maddi came over and started cleaning the kitchen this morning.
She's coming back tomorrow to finish it.
I cleaned my room and sorted laundry for half of the day.
And then Maddi wanted me to help her.
It was rather crazy.
I may go into detail about that later.
Our kitchen is still a wreck.
But like I said, Maddi's coming back tomorrow to finish.

On a new topic.
I just want to say something about love.
(I'm currently chatting with someone on Facebook about it... so I thought I might say something.)
True love is in friendship, people!!!
Please feel free to quote me!
Make really strong friendships with your friends.
Especially with the opposite gender,
because those peeps are gonna be the best choice for marriage.
Sounds ridiculous?
Well, actually, it's probably only the BEST THING EVER.
Feel free to disagree,
but my opinion won't budge.
Here's one of my favorite poems.
Please feel free to enjoy.

(This is a rambly, so don't get caught too off-guard when the subject suddenly changes.)

I've been needing a haircut lately. BAD.
I just decided tonight that I couldn't wait anymore,
so when I got out of the shower tonight
I trimmed my bangs
and they look better.
I can wear my hair down again
and feel good about it.
Thank goodness.
I never have split ends.
It's nice.
My hair's getting long again though.
And I love it.

Hm... I have to work tomorrow.
And then I have a photoshoot!
Alex called me yesterday saying that his brother,
wanted to do a photoshoot.
Um... OKAY!
Haha, canNOT wait.
Planning on tomorrow,
also, depending on the temperament of the weather.
Hopefully it's not down pouring ALL day.
I'm thinking downtown Provo.
I love that place.
A lot.
It's the last place my pictures were taken.
I'm gonna go do some studying up.
Haven't taken any pictures for a while.
And I must do my best,
and I must make them look AWESOME.
(as usual.)
The last photoshoot I had...
I don't remember...
like a legitimate photo shoot...
Has it been that long???
That was on the first day of the year...

Well, I guess I DID use it for Preference...
and to help Alex with student council posters.

But those don't count... :(
Wow... I'm a terrible person...
My poor camera.

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