Friday, April 29, 2011


Last Friday was extremely exciting. Regardless of the drama, I wish it would come back. For my sanity and such. It was extremely fun to do Alex's birthday present and then go on the first half of our date for prom. Very exciting.

So I asked my good friend, Alex Blackham, to Morp. (Some complications have come up for that day, so hopefully they can be worked around.) I took a small jewelry display box and glued a piece of paper in the baggy that said "MORP?" as shown above. :)

Then I continued to put this box in a slightly larger box and then put that box in a slightly larger box and so forth. I'm pretty sure that I ended up with 6 boxes in all and ended up with this big box. I got a picture of the smallest one and the largest one together.

It is an extremely large box.
It was pretty sweet.

I wrapped the big large box and quite frankly the only wrapping paper I could find was the stuff with gingerbread on it.
And then I colored a couple of gingerbread on the wrapping paper
and made it all fun like.

Then, I made this card for him. All by myself.
I was feeling rather crafty...

And I had a lot on my mind.
I do stuff like that when I've got a lot on my mind and such.
Then I attached some popcorn to it and tied ribbon around it.
Pretty sweet right?
Very rarely do I have the time to hand-make the cards I give to people.
And then I wrote in it of course.

And of course, this is me with the giant box of awesomeness.
Haven't received a reply yet, and probably won't for about another week or so,
but it's alright.
Between you and me,
I told him that I was going to ask him before hand,
he just didn't know when I was going to ask him.
When better than his birthday though, right? :)

Well, then later that night, we had our day date a week early. We went to a tumbling gym, and it was rather epic. My wonderful date Jordan and I, had a great time. We got stuck in large, giant pits of foam and climbed rock walls, screamed, laughed, aaaaaaand had lots of fun of course. Then we went to Jordan's house and played "signs". It was rather exciting. I can't wait for Prom which is TOMORROW! GAH! It's finally here. I have fortunately gotten myself pumped for it again. I am just extremely unprepared... I don't have shoes... or a boutineer... but, I am a problem solver and a solution finder. I will make it happen. Here are a few pictures and videos of the wonderful day date and hopefully I shall have the awesomeness of gracing you with an update of tomorrow after tomorrow's events.

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