Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Just Wanna Run

Yep, just like the song.
I wanna run.
There are few things in life right now that keep me from doing so.
I know that people love me,
and that my friends really do care for me,
but it doesn't seem like it
when they tell you that
you HAVE to change your plans for tomorrow
because you're the only one that has plans that day.
They act as though
my plans aren't as important.
Prom is a freaking week away still.
The day date isn't even that important.
If they would just stop over obsessing about it,
that would be great.
It wouldn't be as big a deal if one of them had come up to me
and asked if there was any way I could change my plans
for tomorrow,
but no.
She came up to me and
"You have to change your plans for tomorrow because
so and so's cousin father's rainbow's pot of gold
is getting married on Saturday and there's no way that
we can do the date any other time. So YOU are the only
one that has plans on Friday, therefore YOU have to change them."
I simply said, "And you can't just ask me if I can change my plans?"
And she simply said, "Yep."
And therefore, I walked away.
Yeah. I'm pissed.
Which might be an understatement.
I already promised my aunt that I would babysit for her tomorrow night,
all night.
And obviously...
that's not as important as Prom...
Oh. em. gee.
Everyone panic and die and throw a fit if we can't fit in a day date.
It's not my fault they scheduled the Calculus practice test on the same day.
It's not like I went up to Mr. Jackson and said,
"Look, I need you to put the Calculus party on the same day as prom so that everyone can freak out about it, and then I can make plans the weekend before hand and then they can chew me out for making plans on the day that no body else has plans."
I'm not important to any of them.
So don't worry about me.
I'm going on a date tomorrow.
On my best friend's birthday.
And I might not even get to see him.
Depends on what time this so important date is at.
Well....Honestly, prom is just another dance.
Some might call it democracy...
I call it tyranny of the majority.

That people spend far too much money on.
Guys, don't be stupid.
It's okay to spend money,
but save that extra hundred dollars
that you may spend on a limo,
for your missions.Today is one of those days that just pisses me off.
I'm pissed at the world currently,
so watch out.
It's times like these that I wish I had
pissy, I hate the world, emo, heavy metal music
to listen to.
Oh, wait...
I probably do.
Thank you Dad for being a teenager in the 80s.
Much love.


  1. oh hey this was me yesterday. except for the complete opposite reason. it's ok savanna, everyone loves you anyway. others get frustrated too :) love you and hope you have fun at prom :)

  2. Banana,
    You're important. In fact,
    Don't change your plans.
    You're friend is acting like a duche. You don't HAVE to do a day date.
    There is no rule.
    You're friends should be more concerned about their grades, and being on track to graduate,
    Then Prom.
    If they want a date, they can work around YOUR schedule. Don't let them be hatin' on you
    For their lack of respect to you.
    If anything, just have a Harry Potter night,
    You're the best sunshine,
    Everyone else is just lame.
    Don't be stressed.
    And only run if it's around a track ;)

  3. Hey, you.
    You're an awesome person.

  4. Super delayed, but goodness, people need to figure out that day dates don't need to happen, haha! I personally am not a fan of them AT ALL. My favorite dances were the ones where we just went to dinner and the dance. So relaxing, and it gave me the whole day to get pretty :)