Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prom 2011

For once,
on this very night,
I felt stunning.
I've felt pretty,
and confident in myself,
but never have I felt as beautiful as I did tonight.
Prom was stressful because I wasn't prepared for it at all,
but I would like to thank my date,
Jordan Casper for a wonderful night.
He was a perfectly wonderful gentleman,
and I'm very grateful that he asked me,
and if I could go back in time, 
I wouldn't want to go with anyone else.
Even though I'm not as happy with life right now as I like to be,
I know deep down in my heart,
that everything will be alright,
and that I'm going to make it through this little rut.
After all, 
it feels as though God tests us at our weakest spots,
because he does.
And that's to make our weak spots stronger. 
Here are some pictures from tonight. 
I love how some of them turned out.
I love life,
and quite frankly,
life is good. :)
Oh, and between you and I,
I still have my dress on... 
I don't want to take it off!!! :P
I just love it so much!

After we both blow dried our hair. Crazy huh?

Getting the hair done!

Maddi getting her hair done

Yup... make-up... I know... crazy right?

Yeah, that was disgusting...

Just for the record, I did it perfectly the first time and it looked amazing to say the least. I am pro. :)

Madz and I - Don't we look awesome? Yeah, I think so too... :D

For once,
on this very night,
I felt stunning.
And let's be honest...
I did look awesome.
I'm tired... So if you want to see the rest of the photos,
you can look on Facebook.

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  1. You forgot to mention that dress that you love soooo much your mother bought it even though you said that you didn't want it!! Thanks Mom!! You're very welcome daughter! Mother really does know best!!