Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back Where I Belong

I am soooo SO ecstatic to announce that I'm transferring back into choir!!! GAH! Super pumped. When I found out that I was taking Business Management (which class I am in right now) for no apparent reason besides the CTE credit, it became absolutely useless to me. I mean, Bus-Mgmt is useful in life, but not when you take it at Timp High. I don't know, that's just my opinion. I haven't learned anything new yet and it's already 3 weeks into the term. Ree-dick-you-luuuus.Anyways, it just so happens that my photo classes that I'm taking this year count as the SAME EXACT CREDIT! Yeah, I just found this out last week and it made me really excited. Yesterday I got permission to switch into Chamber at the end of the term! I don't have to wait until the semester change (thank goodness). I saw the dresses today that we get to have and DUDE. They are actually really awesome and so pretty. And they're not sparkly. (Thank goodness.) Hopefully I look good in it. Here's to hoping. I knew something was missing in my senior year and I knew exactly what it was all along. The fact that I wasn't in choir this year at all made me feel incomplete and now I'm really excited. I feel as though I'm back where I belong. It's a beautiful feeling.

So you know that wonderful photo class that I've been in? Yeah, haven't really learned anything in that class, but I've learned more than Business Management... We turned in a photo shoot already, so here they are! Well, my favorites anyways :)

I will now have the PERFECT B-day after this first term is over.
My classes will go as follows:

Stage Craft (tech)
Lunch (always acceptable :))
Digital Photo

You should be jealous!

UP SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE: Ha, just wait until I tell you about the paper that I wrote for Bus-Mgmt. Ha, it's complete garbage. Can't wait to tell you about it.


  1. oh the sparkly chamber outfits.... you learned to appreciate and love them eventually. they left sparkles everywhere. like little reminders of how much they loved you. hahahha :) have fun in chamber. i miss it.

  2. Um... I freaking love my sparkly shirt. I wear it once a week. "Sparkly Shirt Tuesday", is what I call it.