Sunday, September 18, 2011

Music: Healer of the Mind, Heart and Soul

I know that we're all thinking the same thing. We all want life to be easier right? I know that sometimes I wish I could have an easier time with life, yet I always seem to be struggling with SOMETHING. The trials never seem to end. It's just like one after another. Know what I'm saying? Whether it's with family, friends, school, stress... Yourself... Life in general? Yeah, I know just how you're feeling.

Is it normal to go to school feeling anxious because you're afraid that you're going to take the initiative and volunteer for something else in which you do not have time to do?

Is it normal to want to help out with everything and then realize that you've made this choice, but how do you get out of it?

Well, there's no escaping it now. But I can tell you that there is a way to cope with it. Last night I was invited, by my good friend Elder Budge, to his ward to listen to him play a special musical number in sacrament meeting. I can even tell you how much it meant to me for him to invite me. Obviously he invited me cause he wanted to see me and needed the moral support. Regardless of his admitted shaking and nervous feelings, he did a fantastic job playing a fancied up arrangement of "Nearer My God to Thee". Seriously this was just the healing that I needed. I'm not exactly sure what it was about the musical number that spoke to me so evidently but it did, through the spirit, and I was extremely humbled by the fact that I was able to attend such a treat.

I was telling him that music speaks volumes more than any words ever could in some cases. In this case it was a healing of the mind, heart, and soul. I know that somehow he was inspired to ask me to attend his musical number and I know that all the small events leading up to the actual happening of it all, well, it all worked out for the best. Thank goodness.

So I attended two sacrament meetings today. Probably for the best reason. Cause I needed it. I wanted it. I crave the gospel. I'm addicted to it. That kind of gives it a stigma, but hey, that's okay. There's nothing better than having so much of a good thing in your life. Something that you can ALWAYS rely on and it's absolutely, 100% fool-proof.

I just wish that everyone in the world could feel the protection of the gospel the way that us Latter Day Saints do. It's a magical feeling and it's so wonderful to be so enlightened with joy and happiness when we do what we know is right.

Now as Elder Budge prepares to leave on his mission, I pray that he'll always keep music close to his heart and always refer to it if his faith ever grows dim. Music is powerful and can be used to empower the greatness that mankind has to offer. I just wish that everyone else was capable of appreciating the wonderful gift that our gracious Heavenly Father has given us. Often we take music for granted because it's all around us all day every day. I hope that I can learn and help others learn how to appreciate the fact that music is the root to our entertainment, sanity and existence. It's a gift, not to be abused.

Thanks to music, life is good. :)

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