Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of God's Many Gifts to the World

Yesterday I did a service project by helping out at Aspen Elementary for their fall carnival and by the end of the event, as I was walking to meet my grandpa for him to take me home, I noticed the sunset.

It was beautiful, as always, and I just was walking along and suddenly I realized that the sunset is different EVERY single time. I think that's why people never get tired of it. Isn't that just an incredible thought? To think that God could honestly just say, "Oh hey, I like these colors along with the sunset, so we'll have this be the same every day all over the world." But no, he took the time to create a sunset for every blue sky, sun shiny day. God is emmaculate and wonderful. Thank goodness for His colors painting the sky just so we have something pretty to look at around dusk.

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