Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 Years Early

Look out ladies and gents: this girl's goin' on a mission 2 years earlier than planned! It's gonna be stellar! Don't you worry, the Lord has prepared me for this in subtle ways and they began flooding into my mind after President Monson made the announcement. No joke. I couldn't focus. It was ridiculous. So I decided to write them down for my own personal keeping. I didn't have to pray to know if I'm supposed to go because I already know. The announcement was my answer. Of course, I know that the Lord has prepared me so that I can make the choice for myself. He's not going to force me to go but I want to go because He knows that I am willing and capable. He has helped me prepare so that I am able to make this choice for myself. Of course I have a lot to learn still and will be studying heavily for the next 8 months. You can guarantee that I will turn in my papers ASAP and if everything goes as planned, I will have my call around the beginning of March. It's an amazing feeling. Of course, I need to figure out what institute classes to take, how big of a load I'm going to do with school in the spring and everything else that I need to figure out with my life previous to leaving, but of course, it'll all work out for the best. It'll be wonderful and I'm excited for this sudden adventure in my life.

Thank you to all of those who said they thought of me when they heard the announcement (even my bishop who texted me right after the announcement was made) and no one needs to worry, my parents are both very supportive of my decision to go. It's amazing. :)

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