Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three Hours Worth of Waiting

I woke up to a text message this morning from my good friend, Kiara. She asked what I was up to today and said that I had something going on this evening but just planned on lounging around the house for the rest of the day. She then asked if I wanted to go to the temple. Of course I said yes and asked her what time she wanted me to come and pick her up. She said 9:30. Brilliant. I went to pick her up at her apartment in Provo and we headed over to the Provo temple. We were expecting to have to wait for a bit, but I did NOT anticipate the morning ahead. When we got there, we went downstairs and got our jumpsuits. I started heading to the locker room when they stopped me and told me that there was another room full of kids waiting to do baptisms.

They took us around the corner where there was a small chapel that was about halfway full and they were all singing hymns. AWESOME. I'm glad that we could sing while we were waiting. After a few hymns, someone else needed the room, so they transferred us over to the cafeteria to sing while we waited. It was magical and the little old lady that was there was so feisty. I told Kiara that I wanted to be like her someday :)

After a little over an hour, it was our turn to go into the locker rooms to change. We then came out and waited to do confirmations. That only took about 20 minutes, but then we waited another hour and a half probably to get into the baptistry. Kiara decided that we were in there for about 3 hours. Was it worth it to only do 2 confirmations and 3 baptisms? Absolutely. Anything to help.

I find it to be a bit frustrating when people (like the ones that left early) are frustrated with the long wait. Well, in all honesty, I make it a big deal to not go to the temple unless you have the time to be there and to be there patiently. If you're in a hurry, you tend to focus more on where you are going to be rather than where you are. It's okay to go other places; we're all busy people in this busy world, but the temple is a place for peace and NOT contention.

While I was waiting to perform the ordinances, I sang, read out of the Book of Mormon, pondered, meditated, prayed. . .all of which are great things to do. So if you're in need of some great pondering and meditation and are more than willing to be patient, Saturday is a great day to go to the Provo temple. :)

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