Monday, October 1, 2012

Tribute to Elder Ruplinger

Dear Elder Ruplinger,

You're going to make an AMAZING missionary. Your love and loyalty towards your friends and to your Heavenly Father will shine through to those that you teach. They will see it and hopefully they will come to appreciate it.

Thank you for your musical talent and your love of music.

Thank you for always entertaining us all.

Thanks for helping shade my eyes from the sun that one time.

Thanks for always being so chill all the time.
Oh and just a piece of advice:
You're probably better off with ice cream in your mouth, not down your shirt. . . haha :)
Now remember to be excited everywhere you go.
You'll love Chicago and Chicago will love you :)
Go get 'em big guy!
Here are some last words of advice:

Always remember that if you're at a loss of words, it's always good to start out with "Hello". Just be careful not to seem. . .too forward or all up in their face if you know what I mean. But always have the courage to be BOLD. :) Love ya buddy. See ya in two years! Always remember that Life is Good.


Love, Savanna
PS It's okay that you can't scream like a girl ;)

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