Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That awkward moment at the temple when...

So I go to the temple every week right? Well, we usually go every Tuesday and there just so happens to be a very cute brother there who works in the baptistry and just so happens to be relatively closer to my age than any other brother working at the temple ;)

He also happens to be very cute, and we have had many laughs with him in past weeks. For example, a couple weeks ago, Dallin got called "Sister Openshaw". He usually does get called "Sister Openshaw" because he usually goes after his sisters, but this lovely brother happened to call him a sister IN THE PRAYER. We all busted up laughing after the prayer and it was hilarious.

Okay, so today I go with just my sister and we're sitting in the baptistry where this cute brother is (of course) and we wait for a while and it's totally my turn and I walk into the font and he takes me by the hand (as does he with every girl so they don't slip), we exchanged greetings (and I assume that he remembers me after several weeks). I put my other hand on his wrist and then realized that I didn't let go of his hand. HAHA, seriously, I can't get over it. We both realized that we were basically holding hands.... and immediately (and awkwardly) tried to fix it. He apologized really quickly and oh my gosh. It was just really embarrassing. Hilarious, but TOTALLY embarrassing. Well, I hope that I provided you with a laugh, or at least a smile.

Moral of the story is: if you think the guy working in the temple is cute, don't forget to bring your brain with you. This is sacred work people! Now focus!

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