Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A List of Gratitude

This is what I'm grateful for from yesterday:

I got to. . .
  • sleep in.
  • write a blog post about Elder Erekson.
  • do my scripture study in the morning (which I've been working on)!
  • pick up the chub and head on over to the campus.
  • get my textbook reading done for the week.
  • go to class and sit next to my twin, Hannah :)
  • finish my homework and go eat lunch at Sensuous and chat with one of my childhood besties, Lexi, while doing so.
  • go pick up Drew, take him home, and rush to my house to hurry and gather everything for a photo shoot.
  • take pictures of the most wonderful family EVER, the Youngs (here's a sneak peek) :)
Aren't they wonderful looking? I thought so :)
  • Then I was able to enjoy dinner with them and their kids. It was delicious... I'm kind of wishing now that I hadn't given my leftovers to Dad when I got home last night... ah well. What's eaten is eaten. I won't ask for it back!

So I would vote that yesterday was a successful day and all in good company. As for today... I would consider it equally as brilliant. Today I...
  • had a midterm in my English class and it was pure extra credit. 29 points of extra credit and I got to choose which category the 29 points went in to and divide it however I wanted. It was freaking sweet!
  • got to sit and chat with Hannah, cause let's be honest, she's my favorite, before my history class. It's so great :)
  • got to listen to a lecture in my American Civ class about Mormons. The teacher told us that no one was allowed to proselyte during class. I laughed because that sounds like something I might consider doing. Okay, maybe not so much preach, but of course correct. ;)
  • got to hang out with Brit and Kinz for a little bit. After my last class and before institute I headed over to the grandparents where they were hanging out and started making spoon rings with them. (Shh... don't tell grandma we used her old silverware ;)) And just a shout out to Neal for helping us. I can't wait to see how they turned out!
  • went to Institute. I'm currently in a class called "Teachings of Joseph Smith" and let me tell ya, it's freaking awesome. I love it. Sometimes it's hard to go, but it's worth it every time.
  • signed up for TWO more institute classes. I feel as though the adversaries are fighting against me since I've been proclaiming my desire to serve a mission. Therefore, I shall fight back. Go. Fight. Win. I signed up for "Teachings of Thomas S. Monson" and it only seemed appropriate to sign up for a missionary prep class. Besides, every mission prep class is different and the one that my stake offers is only once a month. A girl needs a little more than that.
  • picked up the Drewmeister, took him home, and then made my way to the temple with my lovely neighbors. It's such a blessing to go every week. And it's super hilarious whenever they call Dallin "Sister" Openshaw. Seriously, at least four times in the past two weeks. It never fails. It was the funniest when the elder said it in the prayer without realizing it during the confirmation. Seriously, I had to cover my mouth because I was barely able to hold in the giggles. Of course after the prayer, both his sisters, as well as myself, busted into laughter and they asked what was wrong and joined in our laughter with us. They then redid the prayer, but seriously, SO funny.
  • got to see one of my best friends before he got set apart as a missionary. I rushed over there after the temple in order to catch him before he left. I knocked on the door and when they said to come in, I rushed in to meet Izak and ask if he had been set apart yet. When he said no, I rushed to give him a hug. Seriously, the best hug ever. I'm going back later in order to visit with him, along with other friends, but gah, I'm gonna miss him so much. He's my first CLOSE close friend that is leaving. It's so hard, but it's totally worth it. So about an hour ago, I got my last hug from Elder Erekson for more than 2 years (because I won't get home from my mish till a few months (give or take) after him). Love you buddy.

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