Sunday, November 4, 2012

Expressing Thankfulness [Day 4]

There are so many things that I can be grateful for today! It's fantastic!

  • I'm so very grateful that I have the courage and self-confidence to go visiting teaching by myself. Some stuff happened with my companion and so I ended up doing half of my teaching for the month and got to meet with my sisters. It was fantastic. 
  • I'm also extremely grateful for this wonderful fall weather that we're having because I got to walk to the sisters' houses and it was just a nice breath of fresh air.
  • I got to visit with Grandma Jean tonight. I don't make it over there often, but I felt that I needed to go over there today. I've been thinking about her and it was fun to see her :)
  • I spent time with my sister last night. That hasn't happened in a while, so I was grateful for our adventure at Wal-Mart. We never did end up watching a movie because by the time we could, we were both super tired. Kind of ridiculous, but WHATEVER. I did get new curtains and they are black. and magnificent.
  • Since I struggle with fasting from food, I've decided to take a break from Facebook tonight. It's ridiculous to realize how hard it is... but it's also a nice breath of fresh air. I've filled my Sunday with so many great things rather than wasting my day away on social networking and homework. (Homework is still important, but I had a friend challenge me not to do any on Sundays... we'll see how this goes over... haha.) SO I am grateful for my abilit to find wholesome activities and not waste time.
Happy Sunday everyone! :)

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