Thursday, November 1, 2012

Expressing Thankfulness [Day 1]

Today I am grateful for my ability to find the good in people. I played a game (and am continuing to play) on Facebook and the main idea is for someone to send a random number of their choice to my inbox on Facebook and I post a status using that number to write to them. The idea is to tell them the good things about them. It's fun because it forces me to think in a certain way and sometimes it's hard for me, so I like to find the good in people and share it with them. Some friends I've known for a long time and I some I don't know as well, but I still did my best to be genuine.

Here are a few things I said about some people:

5,000,000,000: hey there little brother :) you are so fun and spunky and are always looking for a new adventure. You're so lively and wonderfully fantastic and I love all of your witty jokes. They make me giggle. I wish we lived a little bit closer so that we could hang out more often, but of course you are closer than you used to be :) miss you booger :)

13: Well, we've had our ups and downs in the last few months, but they were all worth it. I love how close we are and I love spending time with you. I'm sorry I've been so crazy lately. You've been a good friend to me and I love you. I love that you're so open with me and that you're so comfortable around me. I also love how funny you are and when I get you on those random tangents about things that you love. It's fun getting you to talk a lot because it doesn't happen very often. I also love that you're so spunky and full of life when you wanna be. It's magnificent. I love that you're so passionate about what you love and you treasure those that you love. You're incredible. Never forget it :)

2: You are, no joke, one of the FUNNIEST people I have ever met. And by far the best story teller. How do I know this? Because of how you made our ENTIRE group of like 20 people bust up laughing and die while rolling on the floor because we were all laughing so hard at your stories. One of the best dates ever. You always have a smile on and are doing your best to make everyone around you feel better when they're down. You are a sweetheart. You are going to be a wonderful missionary. Always remember to keep smiling and lifting others up, because that's what you do best. Love you kiddo :)

3212333: First of all, what you wrote about me - you SERIOUSLY made my day. In fact, you made my week. Nope, scratch that, my LIFE. That is seriously what I hope everyone will see in me. Of course I say stupid things sometimes, but I'm only human. Okay, this status isn't about me, it's about you. Whenever I think about you or see a post written by you on Facebook, I always subconsciously wish that we were better friends. I watched you all through high school wishing that I had gotten to know you better, but the opportunity just never came up. We never crossed paths much, but I know that people look up to you. I don't know what kind of challenges that you've overcome in your life thus far, but I can tell that you didn't make it to this point in your life by giving up. Keep on smiling and remember who you really are. Thanks for looking for and seeing the best in me (and everyone else around you). You are absolutely wonderful. If you ever need anything, I'm here for you, even if you just want to talk :)
Now with this girl ^^^, I need to post what she wrote about me, because well... you'll just have to read it...
7: You mentioned that we don't know each other very well. You're right - but let me share with you what I do know about you. You want to be good; you have a desire to be good and to spread good. You are one of the least judgmental people I know. You're friends with so many people; so many entirely different groups of people who are all so diverse. You have goodness within you that attracts so many others because you make them feel welcomed and good about themselves. I think you are darling. Thank you for accepting me.
Doesn't that just make your day? I almost started crying and the amazing thing with that, is that I hardly ever cry. I mean, I cry a lot more than I used to, but I usually don't get too emotional in that way. I don't know how you feel about people cloggin up your newsfeed with a bunch of random people that you don't know who they are, but in all seriousness, it's better than that crap that people have been posting now-a-days. It's positive, uplifting and I am so grateful for that. The more time we spend on being positive and optimistic, the less time we have for being negative and destructive of others. I'd say it's a good trade.
"If you look for the good in people, you'll find it."

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