Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Expressing Thankfulness [Day 6]

Happy National Election Day! Woo! So I skipped half of my English class this morning in order to go vote with my parents. I met dad there where he was already standing in line and it was a good time. I laughed inside (out of irritation) when one person said, "I bet I know who YOU voted for." I told him that I voted straight Democratic - which is a lie - but it's good to keep the world on it's toes. Just because I'm a Mormon and just because I live in Utah and I'm getting ready to go on a mission does NOT mean I support Romney. I support Romney for other reasons - NOT JUST BECAUSE HE'S MORMON. Come on people, I'm not a total idiot. I'm grateful that I have the right to vote and that it is my civic duty to do so. It was all in good fun. Besides, I didn't have to sit through the entire LAME library lecture in English today. Yay for bigger and better things! :)

Fun little story:

During this time of the year FOUR years ago (aka the last election time), we were rebellious 9th graders and decided to put together our own party. I'm not quite sure WHAT we were party wise, but we had fun doing it either way. Izak ran for president and Craig was his partner as VP. Oh, it was just fantastic. If Izak wasn't on his way to Mexico in a month, I might have been tempted to write him in... ;)

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